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2-Behavior is other directed

3-Vague and metaphorical goal

4-Sacred Doctrine

5-Monetary commitment

6-Isolation Measures

7-Member Collusion

8-Devaluing of self worth

9-Confused Emotions

10-Behavior is other directed

11-Inclusion by obsession with acceptance

12-Never express doubt to superiors or subordinates

13-Never refuse a request.

14-Never ask for anything for yourself

15-Never place responsibility for you actions on a cult leader's says so

16-Cult leaders are centers of your universe

17-Respond automatically to the Cult leader's wishes

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  Now that these indicators are listed let's see how they are used to indoctrinate and control the human mind..

  We have now seen many of the ways that cults approach controlling the member. Now is the time to look at the methods used to implement the cult criteria. First you need to find people that are in circumstances that lean them toward the cult mentality. The people that are ill, old, poor, uneducated, and /or afraid are the primary targets of theological cults

   One thing to remember is that con-men thrive on getting their marks to want to believe. If the mark/convert wants to believe great vistas of opportunity are opened to the con-man.

  The predator comes unobtrusively to your door. He confides in you his great secret of life. He paints a glorious picture for you. He leads you to believe that following his lead will guarantee you eternal happiness. He points with pride toward all the happy people that have united with his scam. He convinces you that all you could ever desire is obtainable through him or her. Now that these indicators are listed let's see how they are used to indoctrinate and control the human mind..

Let us start with rational behavior. Rationality belongs to the cool observer. Because of the tendency of the human being to accept deceptive and disinformative statements as fact the cult will use these to overpower the rational approach by the member. It seem to be the program of cultlike organizations to practice this art form. They tell a story that appears to have enough facts to make it believable. However those things which appear to be facts can be deceptive.

The skill to mix fact and fiction and make it believable is necessary for the success of the scam. The appearance of sincerity is a learned skill. The deceiver must appear to be morally pure. For example conservative dress, soft spoken, downcast eye, demure composure all indicate humble purity on one side. Equally so is the opposite. Evangelical exuberance, pulpit pounding, shouting and flailing of the hands and arms etc. are also methods of exercising control.


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