Vague and Metaphorical Goal

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2-Behavior is other directed

3-Vague and metaphorical goal

4-Sacred Doctrine

5-Monetary committment

6-Isolation Measures

7-Member Collusion

8-Devaluing of self worth

9-Confused Emotions

10-Behavior is other directed

11-Inclusion by obsession with acceptance

12-Never expressdoubt to superiors or subordinates

13-Never refuse a request.

14-Never ask for anything for yourself

15-Never place responsibility for you actions on a cult leader's says so

16-Cult leaders are centers of your universe

17-Respond automatically to the Cult leader's wishes

18-Fear of Reprisal

Putting It All Together

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This will be a goal that is in the distant future and not clearly defined. It will probably be expressed as an abstract idea.

 Eat your cereal. It will make you big and strong.

When will I become big and strong?

How will it make me big and strong?

What does big and strong look like?

Take heaven for example.

Oh how wondrous it will be when God's heaven I shall see.
What is heaven?
Where is heaven?
What do dead people do in heaven?

But even though you do not know the answers to any of the above questions this is where you should want to go and how you should want to appear.

  Another example of an indefinable goal is inner peace. The cult will offer you a feeling of inner peace if you will only accept their road to the goal. One of the techniques used is sitting in a circle chanting. The group leader gives the group some sounds to chant. Many times they are meaningless word like sounds of no definition. They are done with "voice roll" which is monotoneistic low volume repetition. Another form of chanting is repetitive prayers that must be done exactly word for word. Then there are the songs; always the songs. When they are military they march you up to the pulpit to donate. Or perhaps they lull you into complacency. Or maybe lure you into subservience. The carrot is always dangled in a way that is never clearly defined. If you try to pin down a leader to specifics the answer will probably be that the answer will be revealed at a later, more appropriate time
 If, at any time, the organization is unable to give you a precise attainable goal, watch out! Vagueness is a major entrapment tool..


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