Title Page


2-Behavior is other directed

3-Vague and metaphorical goal

4-Sacred Doctrine

5-Monetary committment

6-Isolation Measures

7-Member Collusion

8-Devaluing of self worth

9-Confused Emotions

10-Behavior is other directed

11-Inclusion by obsession with acceptance

12-Never expressdoubt to superiors or subordinates

13-Never refuse a request.

14-Never ask for anything for yourself

15-Never place responsibility for you actions on a cult leader's says so

16-Cult leaders are centers of your universe

17-Respond automatically to the Cult leader's wishes

Putting It All Together

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    The cult will always have some sacred doctrine. It may be the Christian bible, the Koran, or some recently revealed document.
    This book will have been revealed to the originator and or other subordinate leaders by mystic and miraculous means. Visitation by angles and other deified beings is not an uncommon happening to give weight to the claim of divine authorship of the documents.
    This inscribed sacred doctrine is then repeated over and over again until it is permanently imbedded in the permanent storage section of the brain.


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