Charismatic Leader
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2-Behavior is other directed

3-Vague and metaphorical goal

4-Sacred Doctrine

5-Monetary committment

6-Isolation Measures

7-Member Collusion

8-Devaluing of self worth

9-Confused Emotions

10-Behavior is other directed

11-Inclusion by obsession with acceptance

12-Never expressdoubt to superiors or subordinates

13-Never refuse a request.

14-Never ask for anything for yourself

15-Never place responsibility for you actions on a cult leader's says so

16-Cult leaders are centers of your universe

17-Respond automatically to the Cult leader's wishes

Putting It All Together

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Charismatic Leader

  I will use the masculine as I write but it is inclusive of the feminine
  The charismatic leader is the ultimate confidence man.
  The leader, in order to bring you into the fold, does not ask for your confidence. Rather he or she confides in you. That is what a con-man does.
 He tells you his or her great secret, awakening, or calling. The leader explains how he has been selected from all humans to impart a special message.
 He may have deluded himself into believing what he is saying.
 But remember a human being is most dangerous when it starts to believe its' own lies.
 Once the leader convinces you that he has special dispensation to impart knowledge he then explains how, by joining his group you may share in the benefits of his knowledge. This leader will delegate to subordinate leaders certain responsibilities and then they become leaders in their area
 The leader will always dress in the same manner. One leader may wear a wear massive costumes designed to impress the supplicants. another will dress as the common man. Still another will assume the formal business attire of dark suit, white shirt, and solid color tie. Maybe one will dress in a more flashy manner such as solid color suit, solid color shirt, and flashy tie. No matter how they dress they all carry the same message "I am the one you must follow. Give me your money"
   One of the techniques of the indoctrination is voice roll. This is a monotonistic delivery of the speech/sermon. It is low key and rhythmic. It is designed to lull the listener into a semi-euphoric state resembling mass hypnosis.


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