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2-Behavior is other directed

3-Vague and metaphorical goal

4-Sacred Doctrine

5-Monetary committment

6-Isolation Measures

7-Member Collusion

8-Devaluing of self worth

9-Confused Emotions

10-Behavior is other directed

11-Inclusion by obsession with acceptance

12-Never expressdoubt to superiors or subordinates

13-Never refuse a request.

14-Never ask for anything for yourself

15-Never place responsibility for you actions on a cult leader's says so

16-Cult leaders are centers of your universe

17-Respond automatically to the Cult leader's wishes

Putting It All Together

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  In a theological cult all requests "Come From "God".
   Refusing a request is "refusing God". Never mind if you are physically, educationally, or emotionally not equipped, never refuse.
  There have been occasions where this concept resulted in emotional collapse and even suicide.
  The cult must create a "fear of reprisal" One of the methods of indoctrination that is used is the "look at brother so and so "He never refuses a calling. Look how pure and holy he is". This is an intimidation method based on an arbitrary standard invoked by the leader. Never refusing a request subordinates the member's will to the will of the person above them in the pecking order. It demeans their self worth and binds them to the cult. One of the methods of implementing this step is association deprivation. If you refuse a request the congregation is subtly advised of this and shunning is used to bring you into line. Application of this part is a guilt trip personified. I will touch on this concept frequently throughout this blog. Guilt is a learned response. It is the result of attempting to live up to someone else's set of arbitrary standards, failing to do so , then fearing an action which that person may take against you. Barring the ability to use force, no one may control your actions. Refusing a request will not cause you to be excluded from any post mortal existence. The cult will try to have you believe, however, that they do have that power. If an organization has this mindset then beware!
The cult must create a "fear of reprisal". If you don't so as I say you will have your family taken away in the next life. Now understand that there is no empirical eviddence that (1) there is an hereafter or (2) that the spokesperson for the cult has any control,whatsoever, over that existence.


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